In addition to a number of Jeta features, that are available on Android platform as well, Androjeta adds some extra. And of course, Androjeta follows the Jeta concepts - no reflection, compile-time validation and boilerplate-code elimination.

Java reflection as a bad manner

Despite the fact that mobile phones might give odds to personal computers, it’s still a bad manner nowadays to use Java Reflection in Android projects. Until the manufacturers offer the better batteries, the frameworks that are built on Java Reflection, won’t be rivals to the ones built on javax.annotation.processing like Jeta.

onSaveInstanceState issue

Every Android developer is probably familiar with onSaveInstanceState callback and knows about what the nightmare it might be to keep an activity in a state. You can read details on Even though this approach requires a lot of boilerplate code, until now there wasn’t a tool that could give you some help. Now Androjeta can:

String myVolatileString;

Go to Retain guide to find out how to make your life easier.


Androjeta comes with an annotation that’s going to be your favorite:

Button saveButton;

This feature eliminates findViewById usage. How is that possible? It’s explained in this article.

Jeta collectors vs scan packages

You aren’t allowed to scan packages on Android if you need to search for some classes. Nevertheless, Jeta Collectors do that job much faster, even if it was possible on Android. Please, follow this link to be aware of Jeta Collectors if you aren’t yet.


In fact, Jeta was born as the result of all these issues, Android developers face to every day. Follow this page to be able to create stable Android apps and enjoy the process.

How it works:

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Stable version: 2.3
Available on Java 1.7+
Android Compatible
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